CrumlicMedia delivers high quality sound amplification for rooms of any size, ideal for various types of live performance including theater, music, stand up comedy, lectures and seminar programs.

  • Live sound amplification
  • Single and multi track recording
  • Studio treatment, editing and mastering
  • On-site sound engineer services

Various packages and a la carte options are available to choose the elements that best suit the needs and budget of your project.

Essential, effective, and portable lighting design services are available, with full DMX control for smooth on-the-fly lighting adjustments. Consultation and complete setup and troubleshooting are handled by the CrumlicMedia team.

  • Clear stage lighting as well as sensational uplighting and color wash for events
  • Simple mobile setup
  • Enhances visuals to brighten and polish presentations
  • Projectors, screens and sound available for PowerPoint presentations, video screenings and other innovative projections