Exhibiting in Miami? Make the most out of your investment for years to come!

We make professional,
well-produced artist videos.

We have been once again chosen by Redwood Media Group for video production during Spectrum and Red Dot Miami 2016 art shows. We have been working with Redwood Media Group for the past three years, producing videos for their shows on the east coast. We believe that well produced videos are an essential tool to help promote artists and galleries, allowing them to leverage their art fair promotional investment for years to come.

Why choose to create a video during Miami Art Week?

  • Show your existing clients that you have exhibited at an international art fair
  • Document your participation in the art world's most exciting week.
  • Find new art buyers, beyond Art Week
  • Show your latest work off in the most exciting way
  • Extend your participation to social media and around the world

Video Packages

The below options a great place to start. If you have something else in mind, we can create a custom proposal for your idea.


  This is a fantastic promotional video to promote your participation in this important art show. We include comments from up to two people from your team. They are interviewed about the subjects that will best express your message to the viewers.

Our experienced video journalist editor weaves the comments together including visuals of the works presented at the show, interactions with attendees, attendees viewing works and crowd shots.

The story is put together in an interesting and compelling video package to connect you with more potential collectors and buyers.

Take a look:
» Barbara Moore Fine Art Photography at Artexpo NY 2015
» Vensure at Spectrum Miami 2015
» Artist Helen Beekman exhibition at ArtExpo 2014


Some fine examples:

» Gallery NK From Washington DC at Spectrum-Miami 2015
» Artist Michael Lam January 2015 Exhibition at Agora Gallery
» Artist Antonio Russo in New York 2014


  This is a promotional video showing your participation in this major art show. We include comments from one member of your team who is interviewed about the subject you feel will best express your message.

Your interview is edited in an interesting and compelling manner meant to connect you with more art buyers.

Check out these examples:

» Suzanne Duncan at Spectrum Miami 2015
» Blink Art Resource Goes to Artexpo NY 2015
» Artist Bakytnur Burdesbekov at Artexpo NY 2015
» Artist Michelle Piglia at Artexpo 2015


Another format option is a video simply showing the excitement without the need for an interview or comments from your staff. Music with the visuals carry the feel and excitement throughout the video. This eliminates the interview and saves time in editing. This one minute video is $700.00 and you are welcome to choose the music from our huge professional music library vendor or we can make the choice.

» Socrates Marquez painting demonstration at Artexpo 2016

» Carolina Rojas - Sculptor exhibition at Spectrum Miami 2015


A very limited number of these videos are available to assure quality retains high standards

This video is shot at the event and quickly produced that evening or the following morning for posting to social media sites. This is especially great to preview any special events happening at your booth the next day and entice visitors to your booth.

This is a promotional video not only showing your participation in this exciting art show but it invites attendees to make your exhibition a destination at the event for the following day(s). We include brief comments from one member of your team who we interview about the subject you feel will best express your message.

That evening/overnight, your video is edited in an interesting and compelling manner meant to connect you with more art buyers and attendees while showing the excitement around your exhibition. The video is posted by the following morning to attract more attendees directly to your booth at the show.

Another format option is a video simply showing the excitement without the need for an interview or comments from your staff. Music carries the feel and excitement through the video with a short message in text at the end inviting the viewer to visit your booth at the show the next day.


»Artist Jessica Feldmen at Spectrum Miami for art week 2015

RAW B-ROLL VIDEO — for your future use $500.00

Shot at the event and electronically delivered within a few days.

At the very least you may wish to take advantage of this opportunity to have video recorded that can be used with us in the future or even with another video producer/editor when you return home. We release all rights to the video to you. It would be a shame to miss out on having a video record of your important exhibition so this package makes sure the event is documented.

This 6-minute package of raw video consists of video images of you, your works and interactions at the reception. There is no interview recorded which significantly reduces the cost of shooting and editing. This is the raw, unedited vide. Add a ten-minute interview for an additional $150.00.

Don't see what you want? Call and let's discuss what you need.

The packages above all include the following:

We include a royalty-free licensed background music track in the video of your choice from our vendor library. You are welcome to select this track or leave it to our professional editor. (Not included in the RAW BROLL VIDEO)

Once the video is ready we send a link for you to privately view the video. Once approved we send the video file to you by digital download from the internet through Dropbox. The video file is ready for you to use on your website, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and other social media. If there are any changes needed, we will provide one round of revisions at no additional cost.

We provide you with the finished mp4/H264 video file via electronic download from the internet.

We can host your video on our CrumlicMedia YouTube account allowing you to share links or embed on your site. There is no charge for our hosting of the video on YouTube.

We are here to make your art look amazing!

Our specialization in working with artists and galleries gives us the unique experience to show your work and process to the world in the most effective manner. 

We are experts in interviewing artists and making people that don't work in front of a camera everyday to come across as natural and confident.

Please take a look at the various video options available and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to reserve our services. A 50% reservation deposit is required to reserve our services with the remaining balance due at the show. The first to reserve our services have the first videos to be produced in the cue. It is important to reserve your spot as early as possible as we generally sell out before the show begins.

Please call me at 646-596-6652 or write to bill@crumlicmedia.com. I look forward to working with you!

Kindest Regards,

Bill Crumlic,
President & Owner, CrumlicMedia Inc.